We are the small company
with a big focus
on customer service.

We are your complete & personalized home, cottage
and business service.


With our focus on quality materials and workmanship, we make every effort to provide the highest standard for your building project. We are also dedicated to providing environmentally sensitive choices and techniques.

  • New Construction
  • Homes & Cottages
  • Dock Construction
  • Deck Construction
  • Porches, Siding, Roofing
  • Drywall & Plastering


Let us help plan your major renovation or light building project from start to finish. With our focus on quality materials and attention to detail we provide our customers with the best possible finished product.

  • Additions
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining
  • Flooring & Tiling
  • Trim, Windows & Doors


We can handle your weekend to do list (so you can have a weekend) and provide a completely personalized service on every job. Muskoka River Property Services is your one stop shop for all your property needs.

  • Cottage Opening/Closing
  • Handyman Services
  • Cottage Watch & Security
  • Garbage Removal
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • And More….

Taking Care of the Environment

When building a new house, you want to make sure your home will help you save money in the future as well as preserve the environment. Not sure where to start? Muskoka River Property Services is dedicated to ensuring the best quality products and materials are used where possible, to ensure we’re building an environmentally friendly home. Environmentally responsible construction aims to promote the health of the occupants, the respect for our natural surroundings and energy efficiency. We care about your health and well-being and with every project, strive to help preserve the environment.

Our Vision

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing one, there are smart ways to build. Our Vision is to encourage the use of eco-friendly building materials in every project. Our natural environment is the source of our wealth and our health. We hope you will work with us to help make your vision a true environmentally economic reality.